Baccarat Strategy

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GambleRock is your #1 source for online gambling information and casino game betting strategies. In this article I’ll talk about baccarat strategy and betting odds on different baccarat bets.

Baccarat Strategy

Banker Runs

A popular betting strategy for the popular baccarat casino game is betting on the “banker” hand only and waiting for “banker runs” before betting big. A banker run is when the banker hands go on a winning streak, often winning 6 or more hands in a roe. Some bank runs can get 12 hands in a roe or more.

Look for 3 winning banker hands in a row. If you see this it is often times the beginning of a banker winnings streak of at least 6 in a row. If it wins the 4th hand then the chances are pretty good that you’ll also win the next 2 hands betting on the banker side.

This is my personal perspective and baccarat betting strategy from playing a good amount of baccarat over the years. The banker hand has a slight edge over the player hand in baccarat so wins of the banker’s hand usually pay the house a 5% commission.

Player Runs

Similar to a banker run, the player’s side also can go on a winning streak of 6 or more hands. When the burn card is a 7 then the chances of a strong player shoe are higher than normal and present players a unique betting opportunity for placing bets on the player’s hand. A strong player shoe in baccarat can be very profitable for gambler’s that consistently bet on player side through the shoe. One main advantage is the obvious 5% commission that you avoid by betting on the player hand. A strong player run baccarat shoe often wins 65% of the shoe and can go even higher.

Pattern Detection and Prediction in Baccarat

Most baccarat tables show a chart that outlines all of the wins and ties throughout the shoe thus far. If you have a gifted brain for pattern detection and predictive capabilities then you can also observe this chart and make shocking accurate predictions in baccarat. Of course, a pattern only lasts for a limited amount of time until a pattern interrupter breaks it.

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