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GambleRock® is your trusted Blackjack Authority online. My name is Benjamin Ogden and I’ve been playing blackjack all of my life. I’ve also working in the internet gambling business since 2001 and I’ve played black jack for even longer than that.

The game of Blackjack ( 21 ) has been around for well over 400 years, and over these years it has developed from a very boring, high house edge game into one with dozens of different variants some of which offer the lowest house edge of any casino game that exists.

When the game was first introduced into the US it was called twenty one and players avoided it in droves! Casino owners decided to give it a quick makeover and offer a bonus payout once a player was dealt an Ace of Spades with any Black Jack.

In those days this payout was 10-1! However once the game was established they quickly removed this bonus payout, which had led to this new game now being commonly known as Blackjack instead of twenty one.

Jackpots are without doubt one of the strongest magnets that drag players to both land and online casinos. While most common in slot machines, jackpots can be found in many other games, including Black jack.

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Blackjack Cheats, Card Counters and Collusion

However one thing remained, and that was the fact that black jack is beatable by fair means or foul, all manner of cheats have made small fortunes by manipulating the game to their advantage and this had made the game of Blackjack a very labor intensive one with Dealers, Pit Bosses and the eye in the sky operators all taking a role in ensuring the game is honest.

Collusion however is any casinos’ worst nightmare, and if you check out our Blackjack cheats section you will discover all manner of ways in which players, often with the help of a casino employee have pulled off a perfect or sometimes not so perfect scam!

Card counters have been around since the early days of it all and whilst this is not illegal it is often frowned upon by casino management, some players seem to think counting cards is easy and will soon put them on the paths to riches, however nothing is further from the truth.

We have a complete section on the ins and outs of card counting so make sure you stop by and check it out if this is something that interests you, but be warned it takes a lot of time and effort to be a good card counter and even longer to become a professional.

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Blackjack Rules, Variants and Game Guides

Mastering the game is something many players dream of being able to do and stepping up from a recreational player to a serious player is harder than you think, however they say knowledge is power and with this in mind we have compiled full variation game guides covering all Blackjack variations.

These guides will teach you the full rules of each game along with the mathematics relating to each variant along with additional information, in the hope that you sit up and take notice, and use it to your best advantage when you next sit down to play.

If however you are a complete novice then feat not as we also have information covering the basics of the game, letting you get your head around things like the Blackjack Terminology used or when to split a pair! Try out betting strategy advice by playing free casino blackjack.

Have a good look around our site and absorb what you find as it could make you into a much better 21 player, or at the very least a much more informed one! How to Play Blackjack is a fantastic article written by one of GambleRock’s most prominent members “BetDog” about how to play 21 correctly. I’ve also written down a few of my thoughts on Basic Blackjack Strategy & Beyond. This page also includes blackjack tips for winning that give players an alternative way to strategize on a high advantage player level.

Playing Blackjack at Online Casinos

Once you are comfortable playing black jack and grasp the basics of the game after having learned basic betting strategy you’ll be ready to test your luck at an online casino if you want to play for money. Online gambling has been around since the late 1990’s so there are more than a few casinos to play at.

If you are going to play online blackjack for real then you only want to play with the best US casinos. On I also have created online casinos guides for players in UK, India and New Zealand in addition to the USA casino guide previously mentioned.

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