My Blackjack Journal – Day 1

So after 24 years of playing the game I’ve decided to start a blackjack journal. In this journal I’ll be posting a basic breakdown of how the blackjack sessions went for the day. Hopefully write this down will help me to learn from mistakes and raise the level of my game to new heights. So here goes…

Day 1. I started the day with a $100 bill. I told myself the budget for the days was $1,000 but I had not hit the atm yet. I went ahead and bought into the first table with the $100 bill that I had in my wallet. I saw one of the friendly dealers that I know and trust so I picked her table to play at. It was early on a Friday afternoon so it hadn’t gotten too busy just yet. My gut instinct told me to go all in and best the $100 on the first hand. I didn’t listen to my gut and opted to bet $20 on the first hand. I won the hand and the games begun.

I was really on fire for the first hour or two. Making the right calls at the right times, regardless of basic strategy. I was playing the cards and it was like Rain man at the beginning. I was up several hundred dollars. I should have walked away and found a new table to play at because I stuck around too long and gave back my winnings plus the $100 I bought in with. The lesson learned here is to guarantee yourself to walk away from the table a winner when you get up.

I was really wanting to play some blackjack today. Try difficult moves and defy the odds. I did just that. There was one instance where I split 7’s against a 10. Clearly a bad move the make, but I played it like nobody else and ended up wining both hands and one double down. You’re not supposed to split 7’s against a 10. That’s not supposed to work.

But that’s why its so much dam fun!

After playing for a couple of hours the tables got cold. My wife and I combined we lost $400 for the day. That’s not great but its not horrible and we had a really great time. Until next time… I’ll give it a go playing online for awhile. I’ll try one of the approved casinos listed on and will let you all know how it does too.

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