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Tips Playing for Blackjack Online

  • Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy First
  • Follow proper blackjack strategy techniques.
  • Don’t try to count cards in online blackjack. It doesn’t work.
  • Set a Budget (only bring what you are comfortable losing. its entertainment money you’re going to spend).
  • Don’t be Greedy!
  • Bet Bigger ONLY while the shoe is hot (meaning you’re winning most of your hands)
  • If you get lucky and win, leave the casino no matter what once you double your money.
  • If you sit down at a bad table an lose 4 of the first 5 hand then leave it and find a better blackjack table.
  • Online casinos always shuffle the cards before each hand so you can not count cards with internet blackjack.

New to 21 gambling?

Read my previous article on How to Play Blackjack before you begin playing blackjack for money. Learning how to play blackjack online properly will help you achieve more desirable results when you’re betting on blackjack games in cyber space with real cash.

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