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Hello everyone! I am wondering where I can find some good online blackjack tournaments to play in but unsure about how to find them. I’ve done a little digging around the Internet but was unable to find any current or upcoming blackjack tournaments at trustworthy online casinos. I found a few casino sites claiming to offer weekly blackjack tournament schedules but they were either unlicensed or just didn’t share their licensing information that I could find. That’s always a warning sign in my opinion and I personally avoid all casinos online that don’t share their licensing information or are licensed by a joke of a regulator.

I love to play blackjack. Its a truly fair game and pretty much a 50/50 game once you know how to play the game well. I got inspired to play in an online blackjack tournament after playing in a local casino big money BJ tournament the other day. I wrote a gamblerock forum post about it if you’d like to know how it went.

The forum thread is here: blackjack tournament results – it describes the highlights of the tournament and was a lot of fun to play in. Now I want to play in more tournaments online but there don’t seem to be very many. If you know about any upcoming BJ tourneys please let me know. Thank you everyone!

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    thegambler says:

    if you know of an upcoming online blackjack tournament please leave a comment here with a link to the tournament info. that would be a big help and very much appreciated! hopefully together we can develop a comprehensive page of tournament listings for current blackjack tournaments at online casinos and land based casinos too. thanks a lot!

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