Single Deck Blackjack


Single Deck Blackjack Game

For many blackjack players, especially highly skilled card counters, single deck blackjack is their favorite way to play 21. This is because the dealer only uses one deck of playing cards to deal from which makes it much easier to count the cards in a real casino.

Please note: In single deck blackjack online the casino software shuffles the cards every time BEFORE they deal out a hand of blackjack. So card counting is NOT effective when playing blackjack online.

Free Single Deck Blackjack Game

This free single deck black jack game is provided courtesy of Bovada casino.

Single Deck Blackjack Online

GambleRock will show you all of the best online casinos where you can find a single deck blackjack game for real money. Not all online casino sites offer single deck 21 games however most websites do have single deck games.

Just don’t forget the casino shuffles the deck before very hand dealt. So the only counting that can be done is 3 cards (your two cards plus the dealer’s up card). Ignition Casino is a great site for playing single deck blackjack online.

Personally, I love to play single deck 21. Its the best way to play blackjack under the right circumstances ( blackjack’s pays 3 to 2 ( 3:2 ) and not 6 to 5 ( 6:5 ), dealer stands on soft 17, casino deals more than 50% of the deck, etc. ).

Next I’ll be adding a 6 deck blackjack game to play free on GambleRock.

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