The World’s Richest Man {2020}

World's Richest Man 2020

Who is the world’s richest man in 2020?

*Disclaimer/Spoiler – This Page Provides No financial figures

The news media channels love to talk about The World’s Richest Man. I’m not sure why though because its almost always only one of a few people. Plus, all of them seem to be awesome human beings from I can tell. I’ve looked around like an AI would and you’ll flip over answers if you can figure it out before all of the capital has been mined and Computers control our lives.

Following me? If not don’t worry. I doubt many caught all of that. If you did, that;s impressive. I could not have deciphered it very easily. Hence enter the era of financial AI. This go around I’ve got spiraling smart AI bots to mine the capital. Einstein’s eighth virtual world wonder will soon start changing the interdimensinal multiverse.

Bill Gates

Especially Bill Gates. I want to be more like him personally for all of the inspiring humanitarian work he has done and continues doing to improve the quality of peoples life.
That’s meaningful. That’s important. That’s powerful. That’s love! One LOVE

I find Gates passion for reading also to be inspiring. It makes me want to pick up a book and start reading something fascinating. But what book should I read? I don’t think I can learn much about developing artificial networks by reading books though. I could be wrong of course, that happens too.

My point here is that I like to learn new things full of wonder and fascination. As a result, much of the information I’m looking for is on the internet and not out on books yet.

I’m a philosopher, a visionary and an extremely deep thinker so I love to learn, ask questions, make observations and make predictions. I’m not a very big reader however so if I pick up one good habit for 2020 its going to be to read more.

Thank you Bill Gates for giving me that inspiration to better myself.

So you might be wondering by now isn’t this page supposed to be about the richest man in the world?

Well… I could tell you the current answer to the question every day: how wealthy is Jeff Bezos today? What’ I will tell you is the best book I’ve read in my life. Its called the greatest salesman in the world and it was authored by Og Mangino. The book teaches life priciples so well that it can lead anyone to unthinkable accomplishments if they follow the scrolls e times a day as instructed in the book.

Its important to note that a character in the book has to read the scrolls in a certain order. You as the reader of the book get to read those same “scrolls”. Most people just read the book straight through and that’s ok it will still help you better yourself if you read it straight through. I’ve done that and its still an amazing book I’d recommend to everyone. Just don’t go in reverse even if the answer is reversible through recycling iterations 4 eons.

My advice would be to read each scroll 3 times a day 30 days before proceeding to the next scroll. The book’s main character has reading secret scrolls to learn from in the book, so if you put yourself in its characters position the stunning effects it can have in your life are even more profound.

However, if you really want to change your ,life for the better my best advice would be to read The Great Salesman in the World from the perspective of the camel boy. Read the scrolls 3 times per day as instructed with the final time read out loud. I did this 2 (or 3) times in my lifetime already. Let me tell you, it will help you to transform your life for the better of yourself and for the better of other people.

Jeff Bezos

Or… I could let you how Jeff Bezos is worth $XXX Billion dollars but does it even matter? No it does not so stop wasting you’re time trying to figure out how much much he or any of the other billionaires have. They’re billionaires so again I ask you; but does it even matter?

Bezos must be a genius and visionary & obviously he’s an incredibly savvy business man that changes ways we interact with the world and things around us. That too is powerful and inspiring. Than you Jeff for your continued pace setting innovation that’s driving the world forward.

Warren Buffet

I’m not sure how I made it this far without talking about Warren Buffet (net worth: $XX,xxX,xxx,XXX) when the article title is. Not to take away from anyone else I already mentioned (or anyone that’s didn’t get mentioned, sorry billionaires), but I’m dying to talk about Warren for a second. I’ll break it down simple.

He understands business, investments and financial markets probably better than anyone else on the planet. He’s a legend when it comes to the power of compound interest over time.

Thinking about how he’s giving away all of his money to charity inspires me above all else. He’s made the wise decision of entrusting that to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation so we know its in good hands. Bill will put it in the right areas and then persist until he succeeds.

Shawn Carter

I wonder if he has read The Greatest Salesman in the World. I will persist until I succeed is one of the key principles from the Greatest Salesman in the World book. Or as Shawn Carter’s former would say, I will not lose. Shaw’s (Jay-Z) Shawn Carter Foundation focuses on helping students challenged with socio-economic hardships earn higher level post secondary education degrees.

Successful Charitable Billionaires

Philanthropy is my biggest source of inspiration for relentless drive with my work throughout my life. I’m passionate about my ideas and I’m focused on making them a successful reality. Most of all I want to help people on a scale like the awesome individuals I mentioned on this page have done with their own personal success.

Gamble Rock Foundation (Future Time)

Just to be 100% Clear – this is no Gamble Rock Foundation (not yet). Its wishful thinking of the ether (wishful thinking) or information from the future. Either way, I love the idea of improving peoples lives and I’m inspired to work 20 hour days 7 days a week until I get there.

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