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This post is to officially inform the GambleRock community about upcoming changes to our services. Starting next month, gRock will start charging businesses to advertise on GambleRock is always free to use for players seeking honest online casino ratings and reviews.

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GambleRock Remains Free for Players to Participate

If you’re a player then nothing changed will affect you. You can still post questions, forums, blogs, etc for free as long as its for personal use. Businesses will need to advertise on GambleRock going forward. This comes as a result of getting hit with too much spam when its free for business. Installing a paywall will help ensure we maintain very high content quality standards.

GambleRock for Business

Going forward there will be a paid subscription service for online gambling businesses. We tried to make it free for affiliates and iGaming industry websites but we kept getting junk spam entries and not real or useful content. The best solution seems to be offering our service free to all players (and it will always remain free for players), while charging businesses to publish their content and exclusive offers. We’ll limit the promotional content on GambleRock to only the big trusted name brands that have proper advertising budgets. All of the forum link spam posters won’t dare to join a paid subscription site.

So, if you made it before the switch over then you’re a lucky one. You are still required to post original content with useful information to our readers that is on topic of gambling. We have a strict ant-spam policy and anyone abusing our services is subject to having your account terminated immediately. Sorry to sound so harsh. But we have to come down with the hammer to ensure our readers discover accurate and insightful content that satisfies what they need to know.

We want to provide you with a reliable guide that you know you can turn to for honest information about online casino & sportsbook operators.

GambleRock Horse Racing
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