How to Start an Online Gambling Business


Have you ever wandered how to start an online gambling business? In this article we’ll tell you the easiest way to get started. Starting your own online casino can cost millions of dollars. So for most people that’s not really an option. One of the most profitable and lowest cost ways to start an online gambling business is through online marketing of casino and sportsbooks affiliate programs.

It works like this. You sign up to become an “affiliate” of an Internet casino or sports betting website. When you become an affiliate you will get paid for traffic (visitors/players) that you send to these gambling sites. The casino affiliate program will give you tracking links to use to send traffic to their website. We have included links to some of the best online gambling affiliate programs below. These are trusted and established affiliate programs with proven track records of success.

Once you’ve signed up and become an affiliate of these different programs you will need to create a gambling website. On you can create one for free. Our online gambling community is powered by WordPress blogging software so setting up your free gambling blog only takes a minute. And as a member of our community you’ll gain an instant audience to your blog. This is especially helpful to beginners just getting started with their affiliate gambling business.

How to Start an Online Gambling Business
Learn how to start a gambling affiliate business.

Everyone is welcome to join the GambleRock community and share your favorite casinos with us. After you Sign Up please take a moment to Introduce Yourself in the introductions forum. Tell us what games you like to play or let us know about your casino, poker room, sportsbook or gambling guide. Just say hello and whatever else you feel like saying.

Listed below are links to the best trusted online casino affiliate programs. Sign up to these programs today to become a gambling affiliate and start your Internet gambling business.

  • Intertops Affiliates – One of the oldest and most trusted affiliate programs for Internet sportsbooks and casinos. Earn up to 35% commission on players you send to Intertops casino, poker room and sportsbook. Monthly payments made via check, bank wire, Neteller and bitcoin.
  • Deck Media Affiliates – Deck Media offers a wide range of casinos available for different geographic locations. As an affiliate you can earn up to 45% commission on players you send to their group of trustworthy online casinos. Monthly payments paid with Bitcoins.
  • Legend Affiliates – LegendAffiliates started in 2017 by an industry veteran that has started some of the top casinos for players and affiliates worldwide. Monthly payments via Check, Bank Wire, Neteller, Skrill e-wallets. 25%-45% monthly commissions.

Now you need to market your blog and affiliate links. You can share them on your blog and on social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Create brand pages using your company name or blog name and share your blog posts on these networks. Be sure to use hashtags with keywords that you’re targeting. This will help you to get more traffic and gain more followers. Step by step you’ll be building your own online gambling business and before you know it you’ll see some checks coming in. Now don’t take that the wrong way. Being an Internet gambling affiliate is not easy. Its very competitive and requires a lot of hard work and knowledge. However, you can do it with consistent work on developing quality original information for you readers to digest. will be posting a series of blog posts on how to make money from the online gambling industry. Bookmark us now and come back often to market your blog and take place in the conversations happening on GambleRock. Sign Up Free

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5 thoughts on “How to Start an Online Gambling Business”

  1. Thanks for your post. Do you know if these affiliate programs listed here have online casinos that accept Bitcoins? What about sportsbooks? Also, do you know of any good Bitcoin casino affiliate programs that you would recommend?

    Thanks again, The Team

    1. Thanks for your question. All 3 of these affiliate programs have casinos that accept Bitcoins. Also, BitStarz and FortuneJack are two of the biggest and most established Bitcoin casino affiliate programs webmasters can trust to provide honest tracking, generous commissions and prompt affiliate payments.

  2. If you’re new to the world of Internet gambling take 10 minutes to read through these online gambling news articles from the past decade

    They really highlight the history of online casinos over the last 10 years.

    For GambleRock members that are logged in, by clicking on the “Activity” page you will see the latest community activity and have a status update form for posting your latest updates. Read more about posting status updates on GambleRock here

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. How long does it take before you can actually start making money working as an affiliate? I’ve seen the Affiliates links on most of the casinos I play at. However, I was skeptical if these programs really work or not. Its nice to hear that you can really earn money this way. Thanks again for the heads up!

  4. i will share your affiliate program to Kasinohai. i think this is something they may be interested to.

    just one clarification, are all 3 affiliate programs worldwide? noticed that “Legend Affiliates” is, but unsure of the first 2. will try to check your community section too. thanks for teaching us newbies 😛 – i am finding this to be a helpful one.

    as a new affiliate i am figuring my way around the online gambling industry still.

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