Social Gambling Engine (SGE) & Artificial Intelligence


I am working on some exciting mind mending concepts with development of artificial intelligence (AI) that will be used to do good by harnessing the power of the online social gambling market. There is no doubt about the power of social networks and community based user generated data.


GambleRock is developing the world’s first social gambling engine called GambleRock SGE.

I’m currently hiring developers for work collaboration in the following fields. AI, Big Data, Cloud, Data Mining, Gaming and Social Data. Join GambleRock’s team of innovator’s as we move into the the future’s now with new innovations in the filed of artificial intelligence.

What are your thoughts on AI? Can it be used to harness goodwill and improvements of people’s every day lives?

I believe that it can and it will.

My plans (without sharing too much online at this time) are to work in this new field emerging of computing to and build artificial intelligence technology that will better people’s lives. Interactive bots will increase user engagement, generate new, original, & meaningful data sets.

I need to work with a big company like IBM, Google or Microsoft. One that has the resources to prove my ideas. Otherwise I’m 100 years ahead of my time without ACCESS.

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