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    Hello guys! I need your help to resolve an issue with BonkersBet, please help me! They’re taking advantage on me.

    I though BonkersBet was an honest housebetting, but I can’t believe that anymore.

    I registered on BonkersBet around June, at the time I found them on a website of a blackjack youtuber called ”Abzock21” (which has bonkersbet has his favorite live casino).

    Before I register I always check their information so I know I won’t have problems in the future. When I registered Portugal players were available, and so I did register to enjoy their promos.

    My first deposit was on 15/06/2019, and I even made another in the next day.

    Believe me, if Portugal wasn’t available I would never made any deposit there, because I would never been able to withdraw any winnings, and that is the same as throwing money in the toilet. Don’t you think?

    Yesterday I made a valid deposit of 20€ using 200% bonus (promo I received via email) it’s funny they kept sending me promos emails but never told me that Portugal was gonna be deducted from their site. Without any warning, they kept allowing my deposits.

    Even my documents (which of course are from Portugal) have been sucessfully verified by them long before on this dates:

    ”2019-06-15 18:04:35
    2019-06-15 18:04:28
    2019-06-15 17:57:44”

    Even today I submitted my ID again because the first one wasn’t very clear because of the flash, my utility bill, everything that was asked and it all got verified! This was before I asked live support for information.

    Portugal was available on their site three, two, or even one month ago. I don’t really know if they changed it now just because I hitted a x4336 multiplier on Dragon’s Fire Megaways and so they didn’t had to pay me.

    If they didn’t accept players from Portugal, why did they had that option when I registered?

    The most impressive thing is that since Portugal ”disappeared”, the country on my profile suddently changed to afghanistan (first on the list) which was NOT!

    I think this is a very bad move from them and really bad for their reputation.

    I have screenshots of everything, chat talks, my winnings, my deposits made, my documents being verified (ID, bank details, etc). My withdraw pending (even my bank shows country: Portugal) I have a screenshot of that aswell.

    They don’t accept players from portugal, but you can do a bank transfer to portugal… very interesting.

    Yesterday when I submitted the withdraw they just told me to upload my missing documents (credit card used to make 20€ deposit) normally and everything was ok. And all the sudden, today, I contacted live support chat and he told me that they were checking it.. all of the sudden after closing conversation he goes ”are you still there?” and then just told me that managment informed him Portugal players are no longer available on their site, and that they were gonna send me an email next week. (I tried to contact them, but why next week if it’s still friday?)

    I think they already made it impossible to log into my account since it’s always ”loading”… after I try to login.

    But I made sure to take all the proofs before that.

    Please guys, I can provide you all the proofs, I have everything. I can guarantee they always accepted players from Portugal and all of the sudden it’s not possible anymore.

    I need your help to get my winnings, I don’t know what to do… I’ve been clearly scammed or they’re trying to.. void my payment.

    I completed the bonus wager and final balance was: 2200€

    I made my first withdraw of 995€ (it’s the daily limit)

    I wonder what they’re gonna say next week, but this is not fair!

    Please help me i’m poor and this was so good for me, i don’t want to be scammed sad

    My bonkersbet casino username is: igormca

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    Hello and welcome to GambleRock. I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with BonkersBet.

    Do we have your permission to contact them on your behalf? Please confirm this and we’ll make contact asap.

    Hopefully we can help you to get paid asap. We’ll certainly do our best.

    Best Regards,


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    Hello gamblerock,
    Yes you have all my permission for that!
    Thank you

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      I have contact BonkersBet and will keep you post about the progress made. Hopefully they will sign up and resolve this matter for you assap.

      Here’s the message I sent BonketsBet:


      I am contacting you on behalf of one of your players that has not been able to get paid his balance with BonkersBet. The player has posted an official complaint on our website here
      We are hoping to help resolve this situation as soon as possible. 2,200 euros is a lot of money. Can you please help to clarify why this player has not yet been paid and what needs to be done if anything.

      We hope to hear from you soon to get this taken care of asap.
      Thank you for your time and help in this matter.   

      Best Regards,


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      BonkersBet respond back fairly quickly. However, they said they can not give out information on customer but to check with you to see if it had been resolved yet.

      I invited them to the forum to address the issue if it remains unpaid.

      Please confirm if you have been able to resolve your complaint.

      Thank you!


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    Hello everyone,
    I’m more than happy to announce that BonkersBet and I have reached an agreement.
    The final decision was that my account would be deactivated, as bonkersbet no longer accepts players from Portugal, but the amount in my account would be paid.
    I want to thank bonkersbet for their honesty and speed in resolving the case. I inform that Bonkersbet replied as early as Monday and I received confirmation that I would be paid the full amount of 2200€ (which I already received) but I just had time to post today.
    I also want to regret the fact that I was quick to complain because as Bonkersbet said, they never said they wouldn’t pay me, they just said to wait until Monday for an answer.
    It’s sad my account got disabled as it is a very good gambling site … But as I said there is nothing we can do.
    I just have to thank bonkersbet for everything, and hope to see you one day again.
    I also want to thank you all for your help and support… You guys were great!
    And I highly recommend this website for gambling: slots.. sports.. live casino.. everything!

    Thank you very much,


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    This is great news ZBLACK! I’m happy the issue got resolved.
    Good job GambleRock!

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