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      hello gamblerock!

      i am looking into what kind of domain name i should buy to start marketing online casinos and sports betting sites over the web and doing some offline marketing too. is using a .com domain the way to go or is it a good idea to register a keyword focused domain name using a different kind of extension like .club, .guru, .casino, etc. what is the best way to go?

      thanks for your comments!


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      .com domains are going to bet the best to use in general. I think the .casino domains have potential but its not a major player yet, maybe it won’t be or maybe it will. Somebody purchased the domain name for $500,000 recently and in another sale sold for $400,000. Those are just domain sales and not necessarily the best domain for a new affiliate. I would suggest trying to build something unique and brandable on a .com domain name. Unless you are targeting a country like Canada or UK, in that case a .ca & would be the best to use.

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        I agree, go with a .com domain. .coms are accepted globally as the authority domain extension.

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        thanks a lot for the feedback!

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      i’ve picked up a couple of .com domains and will be launching one soon. will keep you all updated once i’ve got the site ready to go live. i still have to complete my online casino reviews and add things like bonuses and maybe even free games. i noticed that you’ve added a new games section here on – was that difficult to create?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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