Jay Z was Shocked – Yo Gotti Reportedly Loses $500K in Hova's Blackjack Tournament

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    By now you’ve heard the reports about Yo Gotti losing half a mil at Sean Carter’s blackjack tournament for charities. Its been covered by every major media outlet.

    Watch It Here on YouTube

    It is unclear if the rapper actually lost a $500K bet or if the hype has been blown up as in Gotti didn’t win the $500K tournament which is something different. Either its a strange coincidence that both numbers are $500K or something was lost in the headlines.

    Jay Z was shocked and reportedly exclaimed “Oh my goodness” as Yo Gotti lost a 1/2 million dollars (bet?) when the Blackjack dealer drew to 21 with a natural dealer blackjack in the Jay Z hosted charity blackjack tournament.

    Here is the YouTube Video to Watch Jay-Z’s reaction:

    Oh that happens too frequently when the dealer draws to 20/21 (in my opinion based on ridiculous blackjack hours played and pattern recognition skills to match).

    That’s why I’ve started hitting hard 18’s at real world casinos as crazy as that sounds. Not all of the time of course, you have to time it right with the 1,2,3’s heavy in the deck in coming into rotation.

    But what’s the real news? I think that Jay Z (S. Carter) raised around $6+ million for charity. That’s great news and another job well done like its an easy button for Mr Carter.

    I wonder… Do any of these celebs know that the game is rigged? I don’t mean the tournament was rigged in any way. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that blackjack in general has become a bent math formula that conveniently favors the house given the most likely player outcomes and decisions along the way.

    Sean Carter recognizes it I imagine because he’s a genius visionary with street smarts. But most celebrities only have the good fortune of making a good living off their celebrity brand and fame. Having the street smarts of Jay Z morphed into business icon & guru Sean Carter is a once in a generation kind of rare genius.

    I’m happy to see Mr S. Carter continues hosting charity events and being an active philanthropist. He’s always been my favorite rapper hands down because of his “I will not lose” mindset and his mastermind blueprint architecture for one of the most iconic rises in the history of music. Jay-Z “crushed Elvis in his blue suede shoes” and he beat the Beatles records too.

    Hopefully I’ll get to play blackjack with Sean Carter/Jay Z someday – that would be super sick.

    I would teach him how blackjack really works as I know the game like nobody else on the planet IMO. I’d get to learn some HOV wisdom chilling with the ultimate blueprint mastermind himself. Anything is possible. I will not lose…

    HOVA – lets chat. GambleRock is becoming a monster fyi.

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