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    I got into an unpleasant situation with the site and really hope for your help. I registered at 10/29/2019, made a deposit and bet on sports and played in a casino. At the very beginning I was not lucky, I lost and made a lot of deposits at At some point, I started to get lucky, I began to win and decided to withdraw part of the money. I made a withdrawal request and received a payout of $ 2,000 from, then another payout of $ 5,000. But after my bets began to win stopped paying me money. My payout is $ 5,000 pending from 11/22/2019, during which time I sent many different documents to the support service (passport photo, selfie with passport, utility photo, photo of driver’s license, front side, photo of driver’s license, back side, photo of bank statement, selfie with bank statement, selfie with driver’s license and bank statement). But the support service either ignores me or very rarely answers my letters. In one of the letters, the support service said that my account is being verified. Today, a representative contacted me via telegram and said that my account was being verified due to the fact that I logged into my account from two different devices. I really used to log in from a computer and wanted to upload verification documents to my profile, but they didn’t load, then I logged into my account from my phone and successfully uploaded the documents. I don’t understand which point of the rules I violated by this. Before registering, I read the rules and did not see any points in them that would forbid access to the account from the computer and from the phone. The support staff member was also unable to point out such an item in the terms and conditions. This is like scam

    Now at I have $ 20,000 ($ 15,000 on my balance and $ 5,000 pending payment). For all the time I made deposits at in the amount of $ 28,200, and made withdrawals in the amount of $ 7,000. It turns out that I did not win anything against, but remained in the red at $ 1200, but they still refuse to pay me money.

    I want to get my money from, I am ready to provide any documents for verification and pass any checks. Please help me return my money.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    My login at – ramanah89

    Kind Regards

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    Hello, sorry to welcome you to GambleRock under such a bad situation. I will contact the casino on your behalf and post all communications here in this forum thread for the iGaming community to see. I hope we can help you resolve the matter. That’s a lot of coins. Please confirm that you give me permission to contact them with your details provided.

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    Hello. I am very grateful for your help. I give you full consent to communicate with on my behalf. Have a nice day.

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    I can confirm that I received all the money from
    12/16/2019 – they paid me – 10,000 dollars.
    12/26/2019 – I was paid the rest of the money – $ 10,000.

    The support service began to respond to my letters only after I posted the complaint. They contacted me several times earlier and said that they would pay me money only if I withdraw the complaint, but I did not agree to these conditions. I am very glad that everything ended well, but I am sure that if I did not do anything and did not write a complaint, I would not have received my money. This is evidenced by the response of the support service of lakibet on another resource – 12/12/2019 at 16:32.

    “Hello everyone.

    Yes we call this a scammer player, this customer played in a very suspicious away, have braken all the possible rules in the site, at the moment we decide to investigate hes behavior he started to make complaints all over, and behave like a criminal by placing complaints, if he customer would have not brake rules and played honest nothing would have happen and he would gave got all the requested money by the rule.

    Before we complaint, we need to check, before we accuse we check, but it look like that this specific player doesn’t really work, and he prefers to starting with accusations and more.

    When we come up with a resolution, we will be able to comeback here and give the final answer.

    Luckybet Management. ”

    I express my deep gratitude to you in resolving my question and I am very glad that I received the money with your help. I congratulate you on the upcoming holiday and wish you all the best to you and your loved ones.

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