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      Blackjack is one of the most fair games you find inside a casino. This is true with both land based casinos and with online casinos as well. The fairness of blackjack is one of the reasons its loved by so many gamblers all over the world. However, you must remember to bet within your bankroll limits. Consistently wager low stakes (minimum bets) and avoid placing large bets. Wait until you start to win multiple hands in a row before you increase your bet. When you do increase your wager only do so by a small amount.

      The reason why is advised to play low stakes and place minimum bets is because of a mathematical principle known as Gambler’s Ruin. It demonstrates how when a gambler is wagering an amount too large for their bankroll, they are almost certain to go bankrupt or lose their entire bankroll. To reduce the chances of this happening, its advised that your bankroll be 50x to 100x your minimum bet. So if you’re playing a $10 table then you should have at least $500 to play with. By increasing your bankroll from $500 to $1,000 you will reduce the likelihood of losing your entire gambling bankroll to less than 5%.

      See the math problem demonstrating Gambler’s Ruin here:

      Blackjack players should avoid playing on tables using continuous shuffle machines. They make it impossible to count and track the cards for advanced players. They also have an unfortunate way of sorting the cards in an order that tends to favor the house.

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      Countinuous shuffle machines are very shady. I feel like they’re manipulating which cards will come out next in their favor. 😬

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      That sucks! I just realized this page got hit by a spam link. I deleted it but man that’s not cool at all…

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