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      I got into an unpleasant situation at
      I registered with williamhill and played with them, but once my account was blocked and I could not log into my account. I contacted the support service and I was told that to unlock the account I need to go through the verification procedure and provide documents for verification. I uploaded documents but didn’t receive a response. A few days later I asked in a chat when my documents will be checked? In the chat I was asked to take new photos of documents and send them again. I took new photos and posted, but received the answer only after a few weeks. I was again asked to take new photographs of documents. Again I took new photos of the documents, uploaded them, and again the support service ignored me.
      I downloaded various documents in live chat and sent to the mail about 7-10 times – passport photo, selfie with passport, utility photo, selfie with utility, selfie with a leaflet on which my login is written, screenshots and photos of my account neteller, screenshots and photos deposits in williamhill from my neteller account. I always made new photos. But each time they send me a letter that my documents have been transferred to the appropriate department, and after a few weeks they ask me to send new documents again.
      This story has been going on for more than a year, I do everything they ask, but I can’t log into my account. The last time they asked me to take new selfies photos with a passport and utility in another room, on a different background. I took these photos and sent them an email 12/13/2019. The next day I received a letter stating that my documents were handed over to the appropriate department and will contact me shortly. However, 30 days have passed since I sent the documents, but I did not receive a response from them and I can’t log into my account.
      Please help me unlock my account and withdraw money from willhill

      My login is bylalia17

      Thank you in advance for your help.

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