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GambleRock® sports betting guide brings you the best online sportsbook sites for betting on sports and winning along with your favorite teams. Place your bets using live betting wager slips placed while the game is still going on. First and foremost, always remember to bet responsibly and treat online gambling as an entertainment hobby only.

Editor’s Note: Sports betting laws are different according to your location. This is an important matter for you to take note of. Make sure that online sports betting is legal where you reside before you bet on any sports on the internet. The GambleRock sports betting forum is a good place to start learning about US sports betting laws and online betting laws in other parts of the world.

GambleRock Sports Betting
GambleRock Sports Betting Guide u0026amp; Top Online Sportsbook Reviews

On I do my best to provide you with the information and facts that I’ve gathered in my research on the net. I try to keep everything up to date and accurate at all times. If something has changed since the time of publishing or you notice error please contact us and let us know so we can correct it.

GambleRock’s Top Rated Online Sportsbooks

  1. Intertops Sportsbook – Trusted online since 1994! 100% bonus up to $500. Tu0026amp;C’s Apply.
    Why choose Intertops for sports betting?
    They’ve earned 25 years of fair gaming as a respected titan of industry.
    Why not to choose Intertops?
    They don’t yet have a US license if you’re in the United States.

  2. Mr Green Sportsbook – Award winning online betting site.
    100% Bonus 100 Euro Free Bets. Min 10 Euro deposit.
    Mr Green Sportsbook Bonus Tu0026amp;C’s Apply.
    See MrGreen’s official website for complete bonus Tu0026amp;C’s wagering requirements.
    Licensed by UKGC, Malta Gaming Authority,

  3. Bovada Sportsbook – Bet on Sports and eSports. $1,500 Bonus. Tu0026amp;C’s Apply.

  4. Bet 365 Sportsbook – The UK’s premier online bookmaker. Tu0026amp;C’s Apply.

  5. LS Bet Sports – 100% Bonus up to $300. A preferred site for Canadians and Europeans. Bonus Tu0026amp;C’s Apply.

Is Sports Betting Legal?

Naturally the answer to this question is fluid and multi-dimensional. In Lehman terms, it depends.

Some European places such as the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Sweden allow regulated online sports betting. In these countries online sports betting is legal and regulated to protect the citizens.

In the United States American citizens are now legally allowed to gamble at online sportsbooks in many states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania as they have so noticeably been covered and regurgitated over and again by mainstream media news channels.

While in other states it may be neither legal nor illegal remaining in a gray zone of offshore regulated online sports betting sites. And yet in other states it may be illegal to bet on sports entirely. So its important that you’ve done you research.

Find out about legal sports betting in NJ on the official NJ DGE website. For people in New Jersey this link provided can also give you access to the State’s list of regulated New Jersey sports betting sites.

Some states such as Washington and Arkansas have strict anti-online gambling policies while at the same time you can bet on your team anytime you’d like if you’re in PA or NJ. Crazy isn’t it?

That’s why we need federally regulated online gambling in the United States of America. I am an advocate for this personally and hopefully someday soon we’ll see legal gambling in the USA on a Federal level in the coming years. Also, those may be high hopes.

People in states with regulated legal online sports betting can play at DraftKings Sportsbook as they have the official license required for offering gambling services. Sports betting at DraftKings is a popular choice for many US gamblers.

If we could ever reach that level I think I would have to consider going all in an going for a gaming license of my own some day. That would be cool however is most likely wishful thinking.

Maybe the presidential candidates will discuss US online sports betting and online casino gambling being regulated on a Federal leval across the nation. That would sure create an economic boom for the country bigger than that of what Colorado has seen from the state’s regulation of Marijuana for recreational use.

In Australia, online gambling is illegal yet there are a number of huge online gambling companies that openly operate online casinos and bookmakers for sports bettors (punters) in the Australian iGaming market.

I am not an attorney nor do I give legal advice. Players should check with their local gaming regulation agency to find certified and licensed internet gambling sites for the region where they live.

GambleRock encourages responsible gaming and is to be used for people 21 years and older only.

NFL Betting Lines

Are you looking for the latest sports betting lines for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or another major league sporting event? In this section of the web page is where I’ve gathered and presented the latest NFL betting lines that can be found on reputable online betting websites.

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