Online Gambling Sites Benefiting from the Corona Virus

Gamble Rock - Coronavirus Online Betting Sites Benefit

The Corona Virus has been all over the news for the last month and online gambling sites might be some of the only beneficiaries of the wide-spread health crisis. In the USA cases of reported Coronavirus infections are up 5,000 over the last week alone, a staggering 500% increase.

Land based gaming companies have been getting crushed in the stock market as have the airlines and the entire market overall. In fact, The S&P500 (SPY), Nasdaq (QQQ), and even the price of Bitcoin (BTC/USD) have all given up roughly 30% of their market value in the last 25 days.

Coronavirus Online Gambling Beneficiaries

There was already a major wave of legal online sports betting spreading across the United States. Now that everyone has panicked full blown off the radar about the potential devastation the Corona Virus might do, nobody is going to the casinos to gamble.

They’re all placing mobile sports bets instead or trying out online’s live dealer casino games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack. Of course, online slot machines are nothing new as players have been spinning the one armed-bandit’s reels since 1994. It will be interested to see the increase of online sports gambling compared with the increase of online casino betting due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

I’m betting that it will be a surprise to the industry when the data rolls in over the next few weeks/months and it will be the slots in fact which were the big draws brining into a boost to normal monthly online revenues for the web’s leading gambling houses.

International gambling websites like Intertops, Bovada Sportsbook and Ignition Casino are reportedly seeing record weekly new traffic flow numbers coming from a number of the industry’s major iGaming affiliates.

Corona Virus Sports Betting Sites: Legal, Regulated, Safe and Fair

Finding legal online gambling sites to bet from home safely during the Coronavirus crisis panic that is currently spreading across the globe has become an activity many gamblers are finding themselves turning to instead of heading to the local casinos. Depending on your location the laws on cyber-gaming and e-gambling might vary greatly from your surrounding neighbors.

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